May 2000: Two good friends meet for dinner at a restaurant in Angers. Both sing in a mixed regional choir and they plan to create a male vocal group. To do so, they get in touch with ten chorister friends who agree to share the adventure. The idea is taking shape, but an important element is still missing: the person who will direct the group with both music and interpretation of the songs.

The group has no wish to become another traditional choir and they want to sing on stage without a conductor.

Laurence, a former singer in the regional choir and a music teacher agrees to coach the group thus becoming the only woman member.

Among the singers, three play the guitar: Jean-Yves A., Michel and Philippe. Only a keyboard player is still needed. When Fabrice comes, the group has finally become what the two had dreamed of earlier.

"Mine de rien" (Roughly "Before you know it"), its first name, starts work in September 2000. The adventure begins.

Every other week, the singers rehearse their repertoire which consists almost exclusively of French songs of all origins (see the list). The group's motto soon becomes clear: "French songs in all their diversity"


April 2002: First concert. After eighteen months' work and with a dozen titles, "Mine  de rien" performs the first part of a concert at the  Theatre Chanzy given by "La Rose des Vents", another choir from Angers.

This first performance being a success, the group is selected in 2003 for the Melle festival in Deux-Sèvres.

In order to prepare for a more important event, several concerts are given in the region and also beyond the county borders, particularly at Brioude (Haute-Loire) in the centre of France.

This is when something important happens to the group: in the regional press they read that a classical ensemble of four musicians already bears the same name "Mine de Rien". Another name must be found. From then on, it will be "Sans Crier Gare" (roughly "Out of the Blue"). The group will have a logo. The transformation is now complete.

In 2005, one last change takes place in the composition of the group: Fabrice, the pianist, decides to leave. Erick replaces him.

Since then, loyalty has been one of the main values. Yet, even though the members have remained the same, the stage dress, the repertoire and the concerts have proved that the vocal ensemble has forged ahead.

Traduction : JF Cadot-Erika Fisher

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